Tesco contingency approach

If this happens as Tesco is geared for change, it will affect its performance adversely. Joint Developments and Strategic Alliances With entering into new markets such as China and Japan, it can serve key factor in growth of incomes of the company and strategy of expansion. This is characteristic of Leahy leadership style.

Tesco is autocratic in nature to keep the decision power centric. The prominent reason is that the style of leadership adopted can evoke performance among subordinates and is important in achieving organizational goals. Terry adopted a participative style of leadership whereby the subordinates were actively involved in the decision making process.

This type of structure is appropriate in order to remain innovative and maintain its competitive advantage. Such expertise is based on the perception of ownership of distinct ability and knowledge. For example, Food retailing commission FRC has offered Code of practice should be created, prohibiting many of existing practice, such as demanding payments from suppliers and variation in the coordinated prices retrospectively or without notice.

Nevertheless, the strategic plan proposed in this report will also help in future to expand its outlets in Switzerland. Later, report will highlight the usefulness of different leadership styles in organizational context and explain the theories of management that can influence the management practices of CAPCO.

Conclusion From the foregoing, it is understandable that managing change at Tesco resulting from the announcement on the 8th of June that Sir Terry Leahy will be retiring from Tesco in Marchas well as the dynamics of power transition involved is a matter of organisational re-engineering.

The theory depicts the role of manager in the operations of the organization and act as a motivator. Research methodology The approach employed in the study was based on interpretive view. To be recognized globally in retail market.

Strategic Planning at Tesco Plc, UK

His leadership style changed the structure of the company. The people also have to be clarified on the safety of their employment. The first one is to focus on how to change an organisation from the organisational level. Tesco will revive all its large stores only because the company has faced drop in profits for twenty years.

Attractive and effective group norms result in the consistency in presence in workplace, integrity in work and trust among the employees Eccles.

John Wiley and Sons. Conclusion The Marketing strategy discussed in this report if formed after careful analysis of external environment, so that a successful implementation of the program could be made. Thus since this change will take a while — from June to Marchthe management at Tesco needs to plan the actions and process that need to be institutionalised through planning in order to contain the impacts of this transition.

Strategic Planning at Tesco Plc, UK

The assumption of this stream was that certain behaviors would be universally effective in leaders. Impact of management and leadership styles on strategic decisions There are different management and leadership styles and often it is difficult to establish the supremacy of one particular style.

Furthermore, its main purpose is to become a recognized brand in Swiss Market where it could serve its targeted market. Peck, Market Development Strategy: In the same vein, Kotter agrees that organisations and companies are in a constant flux of change.

However, CAPCO believes in equal opportunities and diversity but these native factors are behind the encouragement of employees to make advantages of opportunity McShane and Von Glinow, The conservative government that is in coalition with Liberal Democratic Party is obsessed with cutting costs and credit facilities; this could affect customers buying power, which might be adverse to retailers that include Tesco.

CAPCO use this approach in the operation for the effective teamwork and it can be achieved through transformational leadership style at the work place.

Relationship between leadership and management theory It is important to note the relationship between leadership and management theory. Structure of work process Division method is used by CAPCO to divide the work among the group of employees those are dynamic in nature to accomplish the task.

Following changing in demands of Tesco clients, it is possible to launch new types of products. The target consumers of all age groups of Switzerland. The higher freedom in employment plan, decentralization, criticism society, multi aptitudes, parallel correspondence help to achieve the group assignments all the more proficiently and adequately as far as democratic administration style Mullins.

Besides this, Tesco should form a contingency plan so that quick decision and implementation of changed program could avoid losses (Okumus, ). The proposed plan should be carefully considered and could be implemented in the next two years or before.

Different Approaches and Systems of Management After understanding the importance of theory or the theoretical approach, let us now understand the evolution of management theory. Schmidt’s () continuum of leadership styles, etc.

Research on situational approach or contingency approach to leadership effectiveness has continued unabated in view of the ever-increasing role of study was conducted at Tesco HSC that was established in in Bangalore with a view of providing. 4 | Reporting and managing risk A look at current practice in the private and public sectors Tesco: risk in the round • Customer loyalty is the group’s defining objective.

Organizational structure and culture at Tesco. Following are some of the features of organisational structure at Tesco. Geographically based. Shared friendly culture. Contingency approach. In contingency approach, action is contingent on certain action outside system.


Action is based on behavior outside so organization needs to. The aim of this study is to present the management and leadership styles in Tesco in making strategic decisions for the growth of the organisation. However, interviewing one of the mangers at Tesco also helped in gathering information needed to carry out this research.


Tesco contingency approach
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