Phlebotomy tubes

The patient has the right to refuse participation in such activity. The upper extremity on the side of a previous mastectomy - test results may be affected because of lymphedema. They are categorized as tubes for coagulant blood tests, anticoagulant blood tests and other types of tests.

The patient should make a fist without pumping the hand. Blood culture tubes are usually at the top of the order of draw to avoid contamination of the blood collected. Pierce the stopper on the tube with the needle directly above the tube using slow, steady pressure. Although the larger and fuller median cubital and cephalic veins of the arm are used most frequently, the basilic vein on the dorsum of the arm or dorsal hand veins are also acceptable for venipuncture.

If another site is not available, collect the specimen distal to the hematoma. Lavender EDTA micro-collection tube Plasma additive micro-collection tubes, such as green lithium heparin light green lithium heparin with gelgray sodium fluoride and potassium oxalate Serum micro-collection tubes, such as red no additivegold clot activator and gel This is to ensure that specimens requiring anticoagulants are drawn first.

Blood Collection Tubes and Additives

They contain a gel that separates plasma from the cells when centrifuged, and are used for a wide range of testing. Tests are performed to check their ability to clot properly. Phlebotomists are considered to have occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens.

Select the venipuncture site. Date, time and initials of the phlebotomist must be on the label of EACH tube. Where possible, keep the tubes in a rack and move the rack towards you. Date, time and initials of the phlebotomist must be on the label of EACH tube.

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Blood Collection Tubes and Additives

Apply the tourniquet below the IV site. Recognize complications associated with the phlebotomy procedure. Be informed of the hospital rules and regulations regarding patient conduct. Appropriate clothing and protective equipment Ensuring the comfort of the patient Proper patient identification procedures.

Several essential steps are required for every successful collection procedure: Summarize the problems that may be encountered in accessing a vein, including the procedure to follow when a specimen is not obtained.

There are instances, however, where herapin-filled plasma tubes should not be used. These are often used for laboratory procedures where glycolytic inhibition of specimen is needed.

Specimen collection

Blood should NEVER be poured from one tube to another since the tubes can have different additives or coatings see illustrations at end. It contains a clot activator. The essential elements of the requisition form are: Tourniquet - Wipe off with alcohol and replace frequently.

The recommended order of draw for plastic vacutainer tubes is: Haemolysis, contamination and presence of intravenous fluid and medication can all alter the results For illustration purposes, Table 2. Study Flashcards On Phlebotomy collection tube colors at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the grade you want!/5(1). Custom Padded Phlebotomy Chairs with Color Varieties; Economical Phlebotomy Chairs with Long Term Durability; Extra Large/Wide Phlebotomy Chairs; Monoject Kendall Blood Collection Tubes: Tube Accessories: New Products For November Vacuette White Top Tubes 9ml No Addittive 50/bx $ Zipocrit 40mm Microhematocrit Tubes /vial.

Different tube colors in Phlebotomy tubes are used for different tests, while some have additives others don’t. How conversant are you with their use and are you sure you won’t get mixed up?/5. Study Phlebotomy Tubes/ Tests/ Additives Flashcards at ProProfs - Basic Tubes, Yellow, Light Blue,red, Gold, Tiger Top, Light Green, Green, Lavender, Gray, Royal Blue.

Phlebotomy tubes with green top contain sodium herapin, lithium herapin and ammonium herapin, all of which are coated in the inside of the tube. The herapin anticoagulant activates antithrombins that block the coagulation cascade and produce a plasma sample or whole blood.

What is the order of draw? Phlebotomists must collect blood samples using collection tubes in a specific order while performing venipuncture on patients to prevent any cross-contamination from the various additives between tubes.

Phlebotomy tubes
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Best practices in phlebotomy - WHO Guidelines on Drawing Blood - NCBI Bookshelf