A single shard

To pay for his mistake, Tree-ear offers to work for Min for nine days in order to pay for the box, which then turns into eighteen months.

When Min comes out and startles Tree-ear, he drops and breaks a box. When Tree-ear reaches the city of Puyo, he goes up to a mountain cliff where it is said a group of women jumped off to the river below to prevent capture by an invading army.

One of Tree-ears hobbies is watching the potters in the village. However, Min's wife tells him that he is to move in with her and her husband. Both vases are broken but one has broken in large pieces, allowing Tree-ear to take a single shard and continue his journey.

A Single Shard

The same stuff that Kang used to make his pots. The entire section is 2, words. Should he go back and tell Min that he had failed. The two robbers also take the vases and throw them over the edge of the cliff to the river below. However, after the pottery is fired in the kiln, it all comes out with brown stains that sometimes appear in the finish.

Tree-ear secretly hopes that Min will teach him to become a potter, but Min makes him cut firewood to stoke the village kiln instead. Tree-ear offers to take a sample of Min's work to Songdo for him, as a gift to Min's wife who has befriended and cared for Tree-ear over the past year.

After taking care to be sure Crane-man will be cared for during his absence, Tree-ear sets off alone for the capital city. Min is a master.

A Single Shard Summary

At the end of each day, Tree-ear is exhausted. When the nine days are over, Tree-ear returns to Min's and requests a continuing job. Why or why not. One night, Tree-ear sneaks up to Kang's work shed and sees him carving out flowers on the side of a vase and then filling the holes with colored clay.

One day Tree-ear finds the potter away from home. Tree-ear is devastated by this news and afraid for his own future. By eavesdropping on other potters, Tree-ear learns that Min is struggling to earn a living because his perfectionism makes him so slow.

Later, Min reveals that he intends to teach Tree-ear, now known as Hyung-pil, the art of pottery. A Single Shard is a novel by Linda Sue Park, set in 12th-century Korea. It won the Newbery Medal, awarded for excellence in children's literature; it also received an honorable mention from the Asian/Pacific American Awards for Literature.

A Single Shard is the story of a twelve-year-old boy growing up in Ch’ulp’o, a twelfth-century Korean town. An orphan, he is called Tree-ear.

A Single Shard Clarion Books, Ages 9 and up Reviews “Park (Seesaw Girl) molds a moving tribute to perseverance and creativity in this finely etched novel set in mid- to lateth-century Korea. In Ch'ul'po, a potter's village, Crane-man (so called because of one shriveled leg) raises year-old orphan Tree-Ear (named for a mushroom that grows ‘without benefit of parent-seed’).

A Single Shard

A Single Shard is a book about the character Tree-Ear an orphan raised by another character Crane-Man. The story really starts when the master potter Min is introduced to the story when Tree-Ear is caught admiring Min’s /5(). Apr 23,  · A Single Shard is not one of these books.

A Single Shard Summary

In fact A Single Shard is the antithesis of these books. Compared to the action books nothing happens in A Single Shard/5. In fact A Single Shard is the antithesis of these books.

A Single Shard Summary & Study Guide

Compared to the action books nothing happens in A Single Shard. The major characters include an orphan and an old, one-legged man who live under a bridge; and a su As kids get on and off my bus I see the books they are carrying with them/5.

A single shard
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